* To visitors

On the day of the tournament, the roads around the venue will be very congested. We strongly suggest that you use public transportation. Limited parking is available, but in the event that it is full you will not be able to park your car.

Spectators arriving by train

About the gallery bus pickup/drop-off area

Please leave from JR Narita Station central gates [East exit (Sando exit)] or Keisei Narita Station West Exit, and follow the signs. We will run a free shuttle bus service especially for the purposes of visiting the gallery from bus terminal stand 5.

*The first departure is scheduled for 7:20 each day.

Spectators arriving by car

Exit at “Narita IC” on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway, then go to the special event gallery parking lot.
*Please note that the parking lots at Narita Golf Club cannot be used during the event.

Special event gallery parking lot (fee)
¥1,000 per use (tax included)

A free shuttle bus regularly operates from the gallery parking lot to the venue.

*The first departure is scheduled for 7:30 each day.

Navigation address:
15-65 Toyomi, Narita-shi, Chiba Prefecture